IOI Properties Showcase

Property Purchase Price Rebate Up To
RM 499,999 & below 1.0% + 1.0%
RM 500,000 - RM 1,999,999 1.5% + 1.0%
RM 2,000,000 and above 2.0% + 1.0%

*Terms & conditions:

(a) The above additional discounts are based on gross prices with the original IOI Privilege Card/LiVO rebate still based on net prices.
(b) Only those who have downloaded the IOI LiVO app and with have their applications approved by us are eligible to get the original AND the additional IOI Privilege Card/LiVO rebates.
(c) The projects approved for the Pay Later Buy Now or the 5 years deferment scheme shall not be entitled to this package except for N’Dira and Pavillion.

(d) Staff shall not be eligible for the showcase additional rebate.
(e) The above rebates shall not apply to agents’ sale.
(f) Promotion package valid from 18th September 2018 to 31st October 2018.

Bandar Puteri Puchong & Puchong Jaya  
Pavilion, Serviced Apartment


Pavilion Exchange, Retail
Park Villa, Condominium
IOI Boulevard, Retail
16 Sierra, Puchong South                           
Dumalis 2, 2-Storey Superlink



Dumalis, 3-Storey Superlink
Sierra 6, 2-Storey Superlink
Sierra 6, 3-Storey Superlink
Avens, 2-Storey Terrace
N'Dira, Townhouse
Bandar Puteri Bangi                                    
The Terresse 2, 2-Storey Superlink  


Palmyra, Serviced Apartment
IOI Resort City, Putrajaya  
Par 3, Condo & Condo Villa                         


Warisan Puteri, Sepang                               


Avista, 2-Storey Terrace



Bandar Puteri Puchong & Puchong Jaya
03 8060 8833

16 Sierra, Puchong South
03 8944 9999

Bandar Puteri Bangi
03 8912 3333

IOI Resort City, Putrajaya
03 8947 8899

Warisan Puteri, Sepang
03 8705 9989