16 Sierra’s uniqueness lies in the 16 themed gardens. This enhances the character and provides more values for this modern residential township.

Each of the themed gardens is connected by walkways and allows residents to visit the various gardens within the neighbourhood. This also act as an extra green buffer along the major arterial roads.

While greenery provides the all-round serene environment, some of the themed gardens are complete with exercise stations, playsets, interesting educational fixtures to give children here a chance to explore the outdoors.

Culminating the garden experience is the Central Park that has terraced seatings for outdoor celebrations and events. This people-centric neighbourhood boasts a clubhouse with recreational facilities for the residents.

Amigo Clubhouse

A Private Oasis With Full Lifestyle Facilites

Amigo Clubhouse is a private retreat built for the pleasure, relaxation and enjoyment of 16 Sierra residents; where every day feels like a vacation.

Amigo offers something for everyone in the family from the fully equipped glass gymnasium, the yoga deck to the 40m lap pool. After a good workout, the relaxing cafe with alfresco seating is the perfect place to recharge before the next game of badminton. 

The kids will have a splashing time at the wading pool with the 'Tipping Bucket', or at the children's interactive play area where they cam enjoy endless fun and games within a child-friendly environment. 

Central Park

The major outdoor venue for family celebrations and community games.

Other Themed Gardens

Educational and imaginative, various shapes found in these themed gardens will stimulate your child’s mental development.

Maze Garden
Topographical spaces filled with geometrical forms, patterns and knots, presenting you with an interesting garden style.
Algebra Garden
Equation, numbers and mathematical forms provide educational tools for children.
Hide N’ Seek Garden
An abstract and freeform garden space to provide children with a way to hide and play creativity.
Ark Garden
A series of climbers and slides in the form of animals such as camels and elephants.

Be delighted with the fragrance of trees, flowers and shrubs that’s invigorating. Truly a treat for your senses.

Serai Garden
Serai, a common kampung plant or spice is a architecturally designed to create rows of fragrant grasses.
Mawar Garden
Mawar means rose in Malay. This garden is enchanting and delicate.

Encourage your family to lead a healthy lifestyle with some fun and play activities. These gardens will definitely promote better township living.

Mound Garden
A series of grass mounds and undulating hills makes the landscape here interesting and fun.
Tic-Tac-Toe Garden
Jumping and skipping are activities that help children build up their confidence and self esteem.
Peek-A-Boo Garden
A garden that is full of curiosity elements that intrigue the mind and imagination of children.
Chimes Garden
Run your hands across Musical Chimes and create reverberating sounds and be the conductor and your family, the musical maestros.

Experience the wonderful feeling of being amidst the lush nature. This is where you can be soothed by the tranquil sights and sounds of a forest.

Spring Garden
Spend an evening of leisure with your family or soak in the ambience of a well-designed landscaped garden.

You can always count on the trees to provide shade and shelter in these gardens. Giving you a sense of serenity and coolness.

Citrus Garden
Oranges and lemons are colourful and delightful to the senses.
Eucalyptus Garden
White Barks give a papery feel to the environment. Eucalyptus trees have a scent / oil that is fragrant to the surroundings.
RainForest Garden
Features the spectacular branches and canopy of the rainforest trees which give a strong identity foundation.

You can jog or brisk walk from one themed garden to another. The corridor of tree-lined Parkways form the connection of greenery that will lead you to the Central Park.

For you to jog, walk and cycle from one theme garden or precinct to another.